How To Conduct Audience Analyze Before Writing Your Marketing Plan

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The next stage in developing audience analysis profiles is deciding when you have enough information to start writing your marketing or business planning. The more you know about your audience, the better you can craft your core message.

Audience Analysis Template - MS Word and Excel

Audience Analysis Template - Instant Download

Audience Analysis: What Not To Do

While you need to consider your audience at the start of the writing process, it may not be the first step.

  • Thinking too much about your audience can hamper your message.

  • Do some research on your topic first.

  • When you have gathered enough information about your topic, consider how to make it more interesting and relevant to readers.

Conducting Audience Analysis

Here are some ways to get conduct an audience analysis, for example, when performing market research:

  • Determine how much your audience knows about your product, service or brand?

  • While your audience may know some things about your brand, they may be unaware of others products and services you offer.

  • Likewise, determine if your audience is familiar with your company in one area, but may not understand what you are trying to do in others.

  • Identify how much background you will have to provide to your readers.

  • Identify what terms might need definition or explanation.

  • Discuss what tone would work best when interviewing the subjects.

  • Identify how the audience feels about your product or services.

If you're trying to target different customer profiles, and convince them that your product has merit, you'll have to highlight your market position effectively.

Discuss common ground between your products and your competitors and see what influences their buying-making decisions.