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1 Minute Exercise for Writing Benefits

Every day when reading junk mail, you subconsciously judge features against benefits.

One of the quickest ways to recognize great benefits—and later write them—is by studying the junk mail you get every day.

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Here’s a quick 1 Minute Exercise that will help you differentiate “features” from “benefits.”

  • Gather all the junk mail that you received this week.

  • Quickly read through all of the mail in one go.

  • Go through all the junk mail, separating the interesting mail into one pile, and the others into another stack.

  • Carefully go through the interesting mail and ask yourself: "What is it that's sparked my interest here?" Write down all the words, images, and expressions and so on that caught your interest.

  • Finally, go through the stack of mail that DID NOT interest you, and ask yourself: "Why am I not interested in this?" Again, note all the things that turned you off. 

If you do this exercise every week for four weeks you'll find that the major reasons you did not respond to these advertisement were...

  • You had no need or desire for the item OR...

  • You could not quickly identify its benefit to you

  • If you do this exercise for one month - without writing one single word - you'll train your mind to search for the "benefits" in anything.

This will immediately be reflected in the way you write your material in the future, and this means "money in your pocket."

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