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3 Headlines That Always Instantly Get Attention

A headline makes a reader decide if your article is worth reading or not! How do you catch a reader's attention and give them a genuine reason to continue reading? If you know this, they’ll leave to the next website or brochure. Think of the number of times you hit the Delete button, after reading the headline of an email! You didn’t even bother to open it.


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#1: Biggest Benefit in the Headline

Do this and you’ll generate many leads. These readers have an interest in the benefits of your product. You want to contact these people. You want to sell to these people.

Be specific with your message. You can’t target everyone, so don’t reduce the impact of the message by burying it in the middle of numerous offers, benefits and features.

Put the most important benefit first!

Be careful though, as "gimmicky" headlines can make readers wary. If they open the brochure, or read your ad expecting information on a subject that interests them and find something different, they’ll be sorely disappointed. They will hold your product with a very low opinion from then on.

#2: Test the Headline

Test every headline until you find the winner. Don’t settle on the first. Don’t assume you know what your readers want.

Many winning headlines have some things in common; the word ‘You’ or ‘Your’ appears in them. They tend to use simple language, and avoid clever word plays or puns.




Cleverness might make you feel good, but it rarely the same impact on readers. Can you think of a great tag-line that’s cryptic, double-meaning or obscure!

Probably not!

Puns and word play tend to confuse the reader, making it unclear to them what you're selling.

#3: Use Direct Language

An ad with the headline "How to Repair Computers-quickly, easily, swiftly" was relatively successful.

However, when the word Repair was changed to Fix, the orders shot up.

Examine EVERY WORD in your headline. Use clear, simple language. Insert any word that conveys the key benefit better, or adds authenticity to your headline. A single word can generate lots of additional revenue.

Next Steps

For the next project you're working on, make sure to offer at least one significant benefit.

Write the benefit in simple, clear language. As an experiment, invest the extra hour in developing the best headline you possibly can. Then publish the ad and watch what happens.

You’ll never take headlines for granted again.

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