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How to Answer Complaint Letters

Handling complaint letters is a very sensitive area, and needs to be managed with care. Whatever you do, don't rush into writing a response, and never attack the customer for making the complaint in the first place. They could be doing you a great service by highlighting something you were not aware of.

8 Ways to Respond to ComplaintsComplaint Letters that Get Results

These steps will help to get your story across and possibly generate a more sympathetic response from the complaining customer:

  1. Before responding, gather all complaint-related material from as many individuals as possible.
  2. Compile the facts and double-check that they are accurate. With this information, decide how best to resolve the situation.
  3. In your letter, refer to the complaint letter by date.
  4. Identify the item or problem that they encountered.
  5. If your company is at fault, apologize. This puts the customer into a more understanding disposition.
  6. Explain how the error occurred, supported with relevant information.
  7. State exactly how you intend to solve the problem.
  8. If you cannot solve the problem as they wish, try to make a slight adjustment.

Keep Records for Reference

Keep a copy of this letter on file, as the customer may respond to you.

The response letter may be required to clarify or amend what your originally wrote.

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