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How To Convert Boring Technical Features into Attractive Business Benefits

When writing about a product or service, you need to understand the difference between features and benefits.

You have to get this right, as the customer's response is based on:

  • How you converted feature into benefits and
  • How you sold those benefits to them.

Features are easy to identify

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Example of Features

The main features of Microsoft Word, for example, are its word processing capabilities, such as the ability to Save as HTML, use Templates and spell-check the document.

Even though customers want to know the features, they BUY the benefits.

Features relate to the seller, and benefits relate to the buyer.

Prospective customers ask themselves:

  • How do I benefit from this product or service?
  • Will it increase my sales, reduce manual operations, or improve my business?

You need to consider these questions and then write your material around these points.

Writing about Benefits

First off, look at the product/service from their perspective. When discussing benefits, use the “you” language technique.

For example, let's improve this feature-centric statements with “you” language:

Our new product has 1000 time-reducing features

Product Z is user-friendly.

Our website has the fastest download times.

If you write this from the buyer’s perspective, it reads:

You’ll earn $1000 a month.

You’ll learn this accounting software in 5 minutes.

You’ll save time by visiting our site.

Converting Features into Benefits

From now on, when you are writing sales material, try to convert dry features into sticky consumer benefits. Your sales team will notice the results.

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