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3 Business Plan Writing Strategies

Download your Business Plan TemplateWhatís the difference between writing Business Plans and Business Planning?

Most Business Plan writers donít see the difference and charge from one plan to the next without seeing where theyíre missing the mark. Letís see how we can change this.

Where Business Plans Go Wrong

Who do you write your business plan for? Can you see in your mindís eye who will read the document? Do you see their reaction to your costs?

Maybe you can't see them but you need to put yourself in their shoes at some point, otherwise you're writing for yourself.

Business Plans and Business Planning

The difference is this.

Business Plans are static. They are a moment in time. A photograph of how you see your business developing. But itís still crystal gazing. We both know that.

Business Planning is dynamic. You're saying to the reader, this is how I predict my business will develop butÖ if this happens then Iím adjust the strategy in the following way. Or, if this person leaves my team, I have these contingencies in place.

Why is this important?

Startups are giving funds for different reasons.

  1. Your ability to cope with the unexpected concerns the investors

  2. Your ability to reduce the anxiety of the investors is linked to how you demonstrate self-sufficiency. In other words how youíll cope once the product development hits choppy waters.

  3. Your ability to persuade others after youíve got the investment.

When you see it from this angle the table of content for the business plan seems more flexible.

Instead of checking off all the key sections, such as Costs and Timelines, weave into the narrative how you will build this product should these things not go according to plan.

Because the readers are assuming they wonít.

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