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Employee Handbook Guidelines

Almost anything big business uses can be used to our advantage. An employee handbook is designed to cover all the important policies regarding all things that affect the employee such as compensation, benefits, vacations and holidays.

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We like for all things to be upfront. The employee should know all that we offer and also know what we need from the employee to have a relationship that is mutually beneficial to both management and the employee.

Our state has a law commonly referred to as "Employment at Will", meaning basically either party can walk away at any time without consequences. If management feels the need they may sever the ties "at will", and vice versa.

Some disciplines not as grievous as to cause firing are covered, for example when a man takes a day off without notifying ahead of time or that is sickness related, we give him another day off without pay in return. Amazingly many painters feel that it is perfectly fine to stick management with having to deal with a job that is one man short; but, do not feel it is fair to respond with the same to them. We do feel that is just and equal.

It seems as though each New Year brings new concerns. Issues which we now cover would not have been in our thoughts, even as long as 5 years ago: things like, cell phone use on the job, smoking, dress code, and drug use policies.

The employee manual should take care of many problems before they happen. Also the employee manual tells the painters the good side of our relationship. This is a simple tool to create that will save time.

Author: Patrick E Cavanaugh

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/management-articles/employee-handbook-529636.html

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