Market Research Templates, Forms and Tutorials

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The Market Research Templates, Forms and Tutorials are now at:

This Market Research Template pack includes 19 templates (5 Word + 14 Excel). You can use these templates, forms, checklists, and questionnaires to gather, record, and analyze data so you have the information you need to drive your Business Plan and Marketing strategies forward. This template pack includes:

  • 4 x Market Research Templates (16 pages) Use these template to capture Why You Need Market Research, Who You Want to Target, How to Plan, Collect Data, Analyze Data, Report Findings, and Make Decisions.
  • Market Research Brief Template (6 pages) Use this document to brief Consultants on your Market Research requirements.
  • 14 Free Excel Templates: including Brand Loyalty Survey, Competitor Analysis, Demographic Comparison, Demographic Profile, Industry Analysis Checklist, Market Planning Checklist, Cost Analysis, Market Research Spreadsheet, Market Survey.

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MS Word Screenshots

Here are screenshots of the MS Word templates.

Standard cover page

Executive Summary to Market Research Plan

Instructions on how to write the Market Research Plan

Further details of the market research plan

Budget Plan

Cost Analysis Form

Market Research Project Plan

Market Survey Form

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Excel Screenshots

Here are screenshots of the Excel templates.

Market Planning Checklist with conditional formatting

Competitor Assessment spreadsheets with different charts

Competitive Analysis spreadsheet

Feedback Form and Customer Ratings

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