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Microsoft Word Tutorial - Footnotes

Improve Your Writing! Microsoft Style Guide For Technical Publications

What You Will Learn

  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Viewing and Editing Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Converting Footnotes and Endnotes

Footnotes and Endnotes

Footnotes and endnotes are inevitable parts of working with complex legal documents. With Word, footnotes (listed on the bottom of the page) and endnotes (listed at the end of a document or a section) can be created, edited, and deleted with a great amount of ease. You can have them automatically number throughout your document, or use custom marks (symbols) - whichever you prefer. Moreover, to view them for reference or for editing is extremely easy.

Practice: Insert a Footnote

1.    Open a document in which you want to add footnotes.

2.    From the View menu, choose Normal (or press ALT+CTRL+N).

3.    Move your insertion point to the end of the sentence where you want to place the footnote reference mark.

4.    From the Insert menu, choose Footnote, and the Footnote and Endnote dialog box appears:

5.    This is where you can choose to insert a Footnote or Endnote. You can also choose whether you want an AutoNumber (1,2,3) or a Custom mark (such as symbols). For the purposes of this exercise, insert a Footnote that is AutoNumbered.

6.    This will open a footnote pane at the bottom of your document window showing you the footnote. Type at the insertion point to enter the footnote. As you can see, your document window is also showing where you placed the footnote reference mark within the text. 

7.    To close the footnote pane, click Close on the footnote pane bar.

8.    Keep this document open for the next exercise.

Viewing and Editing Footnotes and Endnotes

There are various methods to viewing footnotes and endnotes. The first way you have already seen in the preceding exercise by viewing within the footnote pane in Normal view. When you insert a footnote in Page Layout/Print Layout view, you get a different look footnotes. You can also choose View, Footnotes. This is the how you will see footnotes when you are in Page Layout (in Word 97)/Print Layout (in Word 2000) view:

If you need to edit the footnote, you can just click within the footnote and start typing. Another way to view footnotes is by hovering your mouse arrow over the reference mark in the document. A Screen Tip will pop up and allow you to see the text in the footnote:

You can also browse by footnotes or endnotes by using the Select Browse Object.

Converting Footnotes and Endnotes

If there is a change in plans and the footnotes need to become endnotes, or vice versa, Word will quickly convert your footnotes to endnotes with a click of the mouse.

Practice: Convert Footnotes to Endnotes

1.    Create a new document with one or two footnotes.

2.    From the Insert menu, choose Footnotes, and click Options.

3.    Select the All Endnotes tab and choose a Number format for your converted footnotes.

4.    Click Convert.

5.    Click OK, then at the Options dialog box click OK. The last step is to close the Footnote and Endnote dialog by clicking Close. Your footnotes have now become endnotes.

If you want to reverse the procedure, just go through steps 2-4, and the following dialog box appears:

Then repeat steps 5 and 6, and your endnotes have been converted back to footnotes.

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