Age Discrimination in the IT Industry?

I receive about 20 CVs every month from writers looking to either supplement their income as freelancers or look for new opportunities in the tech writing field.


A common thread among many of these letters is from individuals who are finding it increasingly difficult to increase their earnings once they get over 40. Their careers are stalling.


The people interviewing are often 10-15 years younger than them and have different interests, values, and expectations.


Others are trying to re-enter the marketplace, for example after taking a few years out to start/concentrate on child-raring duties (not necessarily women, by the way.) Again, these find it increasing frustrating to break into the market and get back into well-paid jobs — or at least on a par with their previous salary.


Do you believe that it’s increasingly difficult to break into IT once you get over 40?


Would you prefer a 25+ graduate to a forty something?