Bing Search Engine Tips

So far, we have gathered 50 tips and tricks to get the most from Bing, the new decision-making engine from Microsoft. Here are the first 10. 1. Add your site on Bing To add your site on Bing, click on This link will direct you to the submit URL page of Bing where you can provide the URL of your blog or website. [ad#adc-2] 2. Area Codes Area Codes displays the area code or ZIP code. Type area code followed by code. For example, area code 515. 3. Advanced search keywords Using advanced keywords to find the search results you only what you see. Don’t include a space after the colon in these keywords. 4. Celebrities Tracking Bing xRank tracks celebrities and ranks them. xRank shows News results, Image results, Video results , biography details, and digg links. 5. Cheap flight tickets To get the cheap flight deals, enter: Deals on specific routes: flights from London to New York Deals from a specific city: flights from San Francisco Deals to a specific city: flights to Rome [ad#adc-2] 6. Contains parameter refines searches In Bing, the parameter ‘contains’ tells the search engine to only look for websites that contain that search term. For example iPhone contains:download Beatles contains:mp3 Annual Report contains:doc 7. Combine or Excluding words Use the OR and NOT keywords to combine or exclude words. For example, if you use iphone NOT Green, you will get results for iphone but not for green iphones. 8. Currency Converter Type ‘convert 100 dollars to euros’ for currency conversion from dollars to euros. 9. Check if your website is listed in To verify that your website is in the index, type For example, returns a single result. Tip: Check that your robot.txt file allows to index your website. 10. Check the number of webpages indexed in Type  to see how many pages have been actually indexed in For example,