Moving From FrameMaker To RoboHelp

I have a love/hate relationship with Adobe FrameMaker.

Finding a sensible way to move content between Adobe FrameMaker and Robohelp is something I’ve explored for clients. So, this post from the Adobe Tech Comms team was a nice intro to some points I had overlooked.

From Adobe by Mayank Agrawal: The integration of FrameMaker and RoboHelp in Technical Communication Suite 2 is an end to end solution for publishing FrameMaker authored content in various publishing formats including:
  • Air Help
  • Web Help
  • HTML Help
  • Flash Help
  • PDF, DOC

He adds that you can author the help content in FrameMaker or can start with legacy FrameMaker content and once the FrameMaker content is finalized, link it into RoboHelp for further refinement and publishing into various formats.

To bring FrameMaker content into RoboHelp, start a new RoboHelp project and start linking the FrameMaker file (ie book/document) to the RoboHelp project from File menu.

There are screenshots and more details over here: Getting started: Exploring Technical Communication Suite 2

Do you use this combination of tools to refine your online help docs?

I find this a bit cumbersome.

What do you suggest?