How Technical Writers can use XML

Manish on the Adobe Tech Comms site uploaded this video on how to get more information on the XML power in the Technical Communication Suite. He presented this video at the summer XML conference and talked about topic based documentation using TCS2 in XML way.

Most Technical Writers who  use Adobe Technical Communication Suite, especially Adobe FrameMaker, want to use XML to deliver content.

Makes sense as we all want to squeeze the most out of our documents.

Technical Communication Suite lets you author, review and manage content in an unstructured fashion, with XML or standards based on XML such as DITA.

This presentation below gives more details on these workflows.

If you wish to download the presentation along with attachments, go to

Amit Agarwal conducted this n e-seminar on what’s new in FrameMaker. It focuses on key enhancements like the user friendly new UI, DITA, Hierarchical books and Review workflow.

I recommend that you watch this recording which is available to you at