7 way to come up with fresh content for your blog three times a week

Denise Wakeman asks, “How am I going to come up with fresh content for my blog three times a week?” She lists some excellent ideas designed to help save you time and stimulate some new ideas. Here are some others you might want to consider.

7 Ideas to Inspire Your Business

1.  Track Comments On Other Sites – When I comment on a blog, I make sure that I get updated by email. This lets me keep track of the sites worth commenting on rather than searching thru bookmarks. I have 3 PCs, so the bookmarks are everywhere. But all the emails are in one place. Just saves times.

2.  Read books outside my comfort zone – I try to read one book every week outside my comfort zone. For example, this week I’m reading Stephen King’s Duma Key (disappointment) and a biography of Genghis Khan by John Man. Some of the ideas/concepts in these books often influence me later on down the line, often weeks later. It takes time to digest new ideas and weave them into your thought processes.

3.  Study Tai Chi – I’ve started with this 3 months ago. Some of my quietest moments come after these sessions. When you work long hours – often 6am to 11pm – having a mental break can be a great refresher.

4.  See New Places – we live in China so it’s not hard to get new ideas & influences every day. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been to Asia and/or a 3rd world country. Very demanding and very challenging.

5.  Learn to Stop– I try to intentionally slow down during the day and if possible to stop. Running a small business takes up every waking moment – the golden rule is that I can’t take the laptop into the WC, but I would if I could – so having a break is essential. I’ve started photography as a way of relaxing. You can see some photos here.

6.  Reaching out – Chris Brogan make the point that if you try to ‘equip’ people (his words), then you’ll see the rewards coming back. Instead of using your site for broadcasting, you it as a HUB to distribute info and send people on their way – better equipped! I find this approach also helps with idea generation. Mixing with new people keeps me alert.

7.  Twitter Alerts – I’ve setup Hootsuite to flag certain keywords that I track on Twitter. This works like Google Alerts – http://www.google.com/alerts – except that it flags words in the twitter stream. I follow people who have an interest in these areas and see how I can connect/reach out to them.

It’s not the number of twitter followers that matters, it’s how you personally help them that matters. Otherwise, they are ‘passive’ followers but there is no real interaction going on.

What other ways do you use to generate fresh ideas and stay alert?

Let me know below and we can talk about it. What’s the most interesting things you’ve read this week and how will it change the way you do business.

PS – Denise is here http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/13-ideas-to-inspire-your-blog-content/ and Chris is here http://www.chrisbrogan.com/make-some-money/