How To Write For Your Blog Every Day

you-tube-video In this short video I explain how to create content and to remove the barriers that stop most people from creating content on a daily basis. It’s not difficult but you do need to have a system that lets you maximize your opportunities to create content and reduces the barriers that stop you from doing this. For example, you can create more content for your blog – and generate more business – if you work in batches.

How To Create Content For Your Blog Every Day

Instead of creating videos, or writing blog posts, one by one, do them in batches. Organize your workspace so that you can process several videos/posts at the same time. Videos and blog posts don’t have to be long but they have to be useful to the reader or viewer.

How to generate more buzz on your blog?

  1. Talk about a current issue that the reader can relate to and that you helped solve. Keep it simple. Don’t crow. Don’t take all the credit.
  2. Discuss some common problem/business situation that arises every day and show how it can be fixed, reduced or mitigated against.
  3. Provide an observation that encourages the reader to make a comment. ‘Ever been to London? Here’s something I didn’t know about using mobile phones in Europe.’ And then share what you learnt from the trip, so others don’t make the same mistake.
  4. Ask for help. Ask the reader what they think about a business or technical problem you’re having.
  5. Challenge the reader. Ask them if they agree with you?
  6. Provide useful information. No-one wants to hear you ramble. Share something that helps that other person with their business.
  7. Specialize in an area. Keep your blog under control. Focus on a few key topics and keep drilling down into these areas. Go narrow, not wide.

What do you think?

How do you try to create more content?