Review: Camtasia For Apple Mac

If you’re a tech writer who uses Apple Mac products, you’ll be delighted to hear that Techsmith have released Camtasia for Mac. This release comes with some lovely features and is a welcome addition to my suite of technical writing tools.

Before I forget, you can also get Snagit for Mac for FREE on the site also.

Camtasia for Mac 1.2.0

Some of the key features are:


  • Recordings with screen video and microphone audio have improved consistency in audio duration


  • Add markers to the timeline
  • Generate a table of contents from markers on the timeline
  • Automatically generate a table of contents from Keynote and PowerPoint slide titles
  • Import caption data from SAMI files
  • Manually caption videos within a project
  • Import content from Camtasia Relay* for editing


  • Share videos with table of contents to, Camtasia Relay*, and locally
  • Share videos with closed captioning to, Camtasia Relay*, YouTube, and locally
  • Share videos with open captioning in common video formats
  • Search for slide content from Keynote and PowerPoint after sharing to and Camtasia Relay*
  • Export captions into a SAMI file

Searchable Video

Camtasia for Mac also produce videos in Flash or sends them to You can do a quick search of any word found in captions or displayed on a slide in the presentation.

Automatic Table of Contents

One of the nice touches is that Camtasia for Mac can automatically generate a table of contents from any video project you have, giving viewers an easy way to navigate through your videos.

This lets you add video markers manually in any project, or automatically based on PowerPoint and Keynote titles.

Do Tech Writers Use Macs?

As someone who’s started to use a Mac recently, I’ve been a little surprised at how few other tech writers use Macs.

Maybe I haven’t tried hard enough.

How many tech writers do you know who use Macs?