How to Improve the Quality of Web Help and Online Documentation

Do technical writers like bling? You betcha. You can now give your MadCap Flare web output a new look by updating its skin. This makes the online documents look that bit flashier. You can also look at modifying the skins to give your technical docs an interested edge.

Download MadCap Flare Skin Gallery

To add one of the skins below, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Download one of the skins below.
  • Step 2: Extract the Flare skin file from the zip file.
  • Step 3: From within Flare, select the Add Skin item on the Project menu.

Some of the skins include:

  • Futuristic Flare Skin
  • Blue Jeans Flare Skin
  • Blue-Red Flare Skin
  • Sleek Flare Skin
  • Sleek Warm Flare Skin
  • Tabbed Flare Skin
  • Fog Flare Skin
  • Futuro Flare Skin

You can download the skins from MadCap Software Flare Gallery

What you think?

Any other technical writers out there used these in their online documents?