Release Notes: Sample Text for Writing Enhancements


An enhancement is a new feature, or an improvement to a current feature, included in the current release.

To help the reader understand the enhancement, describe:

  • Where the enhancement is located in the user interface.
  • What parameters need to be configured.
  • What is the default setting.
  • Why you should use this enhancement, for example, a business benefit, productivity improvement, or the ability to perform a new task.
  • How the enhancement affects other screens, windows, or modules.

In addition to this, identify any files affected, such as DLLs, XSD schema files, or configuration files.

If you’ve updated user guides or other technical documents, highlight these under Books Affected.

Sample Text for Release Notes Enhancement

Enhancement for Communications Broker Service

Sending Methods to Non-API Threads

Bug# 12345

It is now possible to send SOA methods to non-API threads.

A new parameter, SendJobToApi, sends SOA methods to non-API threads.

  • True – SOA methods are not sent to non-API threads.
  • False – SOA methods are sent to non-API threads. This is the default.

Files affected: Fpml.dll, CommsBroker.dll, Service.xsd

Book affected: Administration Guide