Madcap Flare: Specifying Navigation Pane Settings for HTML5 and WebHelp Outputs

In this MadCap Flare technical writing tutorial, we look at how to specify navigation pane settings for HTML 5 and WebHelp output.

Madcap: Specifying Navigation Pane Settings for HTML5 & WebHelp

You can specify navigation settings for HTML5, WebHelp, WebHelp AIR, or WebHelp Plus output.

In general, the navigation pane includes the TOC, Index, Search, Glossary, Browse Sequences, and Favorites.

For HTML5 Top Navigation output, you can define the pane position, depth level of menu items, and a URL for a logo.

  1. Open a Standard or HTML5
  2. Do one of the following, depending on the type of output:
  • HTML5 — Select the Setup tab.
  • Others — Select the WebHelp Setup tab.
  1. Select the appropriate
  • Pane Position — Select a location in the output window for the navigation pane. The preview appears to the right as you make your selection. For HTML5 Top Navigation output, this defines the flyout pane that appears when responsive output is activated and the screen is too small to show the top menu.
  • Top Menu Levels To Show (Depth) — Specify how many levels of your TOC items are included in the top menu navigation. The default is 3.

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  5. Fact Sheet – 2 pages
  6. FAQ Template – 17 pages
  7. Installation Plan – 22 pages
  8. Product Document Plan – 14 pages
  9. Quick Start Guide – 14 pages
  10. ReadMe Template – 2 pages
  11. Release Notes – 17 pages
  12. Setup Guide – 29 pages
  13. System Admin Guide – 35 pages
  14. Troubleshooting Guide – 12 pages
  15. User Guides – 5 x 16 pages

Download 15 Technical Writing templates to write better technical documents faster