Write to be Scanned

The debate about online (digital) versus offline (hardcopy) content rages on. And for those in the publishing industry it creates a dilemma. Indeed, anyone trusted with ‘transforming’ his or her company’s source material to the web will probably have chewed their fingernails to the quick when mulling over tricky issues such as: How much material […]

Why Table of Contents Don’t Display in MS Word

In Word, the Table of Contents is not displayed. Instead, I get an error message: { TOCO “2-4″H Z T “HEADING 1,1”} Ivan – I think the problem is to do with Field Codes, so here’s a few suggestions. 1. In Word, go to Tools > Options > View tab and click off Field Codes […]

Age Discrimination in the IT Industry?

I receive about 20 CVs every month from writers looking to either supplement their income as freelancers or look for new opportunities in the tech writing field.   A common thread among many of these letters is from individuals who are finding it increasingly difficult to increase their earnings once they get over 40. Their […]