Recover Text From Any Corrupted MS Word Document

Even if your MS Word documents gets corrupted, you can still repair it in Word. Here’s how. If a Word document will not open and you need to get a copy of the text within the document, try the following steps. This will help you recover the text in the document, though you may need […]

Use Metaphors to Communicate Better

Image via Wikipedia Metaphors connect ideas through images. Learning to use metaphors allows you to suggest things to readers that would otherwise be stopped by their logical ‘left-brain’.  Right-handed people are left-brain predominant. In theory, when you use images, such as visual metaphors, you connect to the side of the brain, which interprets abstract concepts. […]

Using Google Reader to Monitor Trends

I’ve started a small experiment. I use RSS to monitor blogs, gather data, and share information. What I’ve now started to do is share ‘the best of the web’ using Google Reader. This lets you track web feeds and share those you think other readers would be interested i I’ve also made an aim to […]