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Software Development Templates


Business Plan Templates

Software Testing Templates

Standard Operating Procedure Templates

Technical Writing Templates

White Paper Templates

T e m p l a t e   S h o p

Acceptance Test Plan

Action Plan Template

Audience Analysis Template

Availability Plan Template

Bill of Materials Template

Business Case Template

Business Continuity Plan Template

Business Plan Template

Business Process Design Template

Business Requirements Specification Template

Business Rules Template

Business Writing Services

Capacity Plan Template

Case Study Templates

Change Management Plan Template

Communication Plan Template

Concept of Operations Template

Configuration Management Plan Template

Conversion Plan Template

Datasheet Template

Deployment Plan Template

Disaster Recovery Template

Disposition Plan Template

Documentation Plan Template

Employee Handbook Template

Expression of Interest Template


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Grant Proposal Template

Implementation Plan Template

Invitation To Tender Template

Market Research Templates

Marketing Plan Template

Operations Guide Template

Policy Manual Template

Project Plan Template

Proposal Manager Templates

Proposal Template

Release Notes Template

Request For Proposal Template

Risk Management Plan Template

Scope of Work Template

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Template

Small Business Video

Social Media Policy Templates

Software Development Lifecycle Templates

Software Testing Templates

Standard Operating Procedures Template

Statement of Work Template

System Administration Guide Template

Technical Writing Templates

Test Plan Template

Training Plan Templates

Troubleshooting Guide Template

Use Case Template

User Guide Template

White Papers

Work Instruction Templates

How to Write

Action Plans

Business Case

Business Writing

Business Proposals

Case Studies

Process Design

Project Management

Standard Operating Procedures Course

White Papers

Write for the Web

Grant Writing

Employee Handbook

Policy Manual

Grant Proposal

Training Plan

Statement of Work


Text Mining

Text Mining Articles

M. Hearst, Untangling Text Data Mining

Mining in Textual Mountains: An Interview with Marti Hearst, Mappa Mundi

Semio Co., Text Mining and the Knowledge Management Space

D. Radev, Text Data Mining: An Overview

R. Kosala et. al, Web Mining Research: A Survey, SIGKDD Explorations, 2000

R. Cooley et. al, Web Mining: Information and Pattern Discovery on the World Wide Web

D. Greening, Data Mining on the Web, WebTechniques, 2000

D. Appelt et. al, Introduction to Information Extraction Technology, IJCAI-99 Tutorial

H. Cunningham, Information Extraction: A User Guide, Technical Report, 1999

I. Muslea, Extraction Patterns for Information Extraction, AAAI-99 Workshop on Machine Learning for Information Extraction

C. Cardie, Empirical Methods in Information Extraction, AI Magazine, 1997


I. Muslea, RISE: Repository of Information Extraction


N. Kushmerick, Wrapper induction: Efficiency and Expressiveness, Artificial Intelligence, 2000

Information Extraction and Text Mining

IJCAI-2001 Workshop on Adaptive Text Extraction and Mining

Information Extraction and Information Retrieval

J. Bear et. al, Using Information Extraction to Improve Document Retrieval

Natural Language Processing

Computational Linguistics Journal

COLING-2002 | ACL-2002

C. Manning et. al, Foundataions of Statistical Natural Language Processing

D. Jurafsky et. al., Speech and Language Processing

LIA Publication

Text Mining for Natural Language Processing

D. Lin et. al, Discovery of Inference Rules for Question-Answering, Journal of Natural Language Engineering, 2001

D. Lin et. al, Induction of Semantic Classes from Natural Language Text, KDD01

Natural Language Processing and Databases


Machine Learning

Machine Learning Journal | Journal of Machine Learning Research



UCI Machine Learning Repository

Machine Learning on Text

UW-Madison: Machine Learning for Text Analysis (2000)

ICML-2002 Workshop on Text Learning (TextML'2002)

ICML-99 Workshop on Machine Learning in Text Data Analysis

Application-Driven Text Mining

Text Mining for Bioinformatics Tutorial (ICDM01)

Text Mining for Molecular Biology

Business and Customer Relationship Management

D. Evans, Text Mining Towards Decision Supports, 1999


Information Retrieval for Text Mining

J. Neto et. al, Document Clustering and Text Summarization

Information Retrieval on the Web

Data Engineering Special Issue on Next-Generation Web Search

AAAI-2000 Workshop on AI for Web Search

V. Raghavan, Information Retrieval on the World-Wide Web, 1997

Information Retrieval and Machine Learning

R. Belew et. al, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval

Information Retrieval using Natural Language Processing

A. Arampatzis, Linguistically-Motivated Information Retrieval


Methodology-Driven Text Mining

WEBSOM - SOM-based Text Mining

D. Merkl et. al, Text Data Mining, In A Handbook of Natural Language Processing: Techniques and Applications for the Processing of Language as Text, 1998

Vitali Schetinin

Evolutionary Computation

A. Freitas, A Survey of Evolutionary Algorithms for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, In Advances in Evolutionary Computation, 2002.

Parallel Text Mining

J. Chen, Parallel Text Mining for Cross-Language Information Retrieval Using a Statistical Translation Model

Hyperlinks Analysis

Soumen Chakrabarti, Automatic Resource Compilation by Analyzing Hyperlink Structure and Associated Text, WWW7, 1998

Sergey Brin



Task-Driven Text Mining

Text Categorization

Y. Yang, An Evaluation of Statistical Approaches to Text Categorization,

AAAI98 Workshop on Learning for Text Categorization

Text Mining, Automatic Classification & Indexing

Document Clustering

Rule Mining from Text

Relationship Mining

  • N. Sundaresan et. al, Mining the Web for Relations, WWW9
  • L. Larkey crophile: An Automated Acronym Extractor and Serve

Topic Detection

Chris Clifton

Text Segmentation

UCBerkeley TextTiling

Text Summarization

Text Summarization Technology

Knowledge Understanding

Text Navigation, Visualization and User Interface


D. Mladenic & M. Grobelink, ECML/PKDD-2001 Tutorial on Text Mining




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