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How to Write Your First Work Instructions

A Work Instructions is a step by step guide to perform a single instruction.

You should be able to take the instruction and perform the task WITHOUT reading any other documents. Think of it as a standalone document. You can cross-reference, of course, but in the real world people are often looking at printouts. They may not access to computers. What they have in their hand is all they have to rely on.

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So, it better be correct, right?

Key Sections in Each Work Instruction

Each Work Instructions has the following sections. Some of these may not be required depending on what you're documenting; for example, for expediency sake, you may collapse or remove some sections.


In the opening paragraph, describe what the Work Instruction does in a single sentence.

Start with: ‘The purpose of this document is to provide instructions for __________’

Most Work Instructions focus on a single area. Focus on this. Use short words and use active verbs.


    ‘John opened the box’


    ‘The box was opened by John’.

It easier to read and faster to type!


  • Describe the purpose of the Work Instruction.
  • Give its formal document name
  • State where it will be used, for example, the plant, assembly line, server, or business unit.
  • Include relevant background information that places the Work Instructions in content. For example, .to perform this instruction, you need to read this document first.’
  • Insert Cautions, Warnings or other information that the reader must be aware of before reading this document. You can also highlight these later in the document.


  • Describe the scope of the Work Instruction. For example, technical Work Instructions may refer to a specific Operating System, network or Database (e.g. Oracle v SAP). Highlight this to the readers and point to other technical documentation.
  • Identify the target audience (i.e. those who will use these instructions), for example, System Administrators, Operators, Cashiers, Safety personnel. This helps the reader know that they’re reading the correct document and that the subject matter applies to their role. 
  • Help the reader understand where this Work Instruction fits into other activities, such as its role in the Procedures Manual or technical documents.


Describe any information that must be read, equipment that must be in place before starting the instructions, for example, tools, software, documents, and/or certifications.

You should also highlight to the reader any safety equipment that must wear before starting this procedure.


  • Identify the personnel involved in the Work Instruction and describe how their responsibilities relate to this activity.
  • If necessary, include contact information, such as Name, Role and Email. Keep this brief or point the reader to the Procedures Manual.


Where appropriate, identify any technical or workmanship standards that are required to perform these instructions.


Provide the steps required to perform the Work Instruction

  • Use short words, active verbs and avoid ambiguity.
  • List the steps to be taken in the correct sequence.
  • Use flowcharts, bullet instructions, text, images, numbered instructions or any combination, providing the instructions are easily understood and accurate. 
  • Use a Naming Convention for the Work Instructions so you can track them in your Document Management System, for example, WI-Dept-Date-F. Dept refers to the business unit; Date is the date when it was last updated, and F refers to Final document. Use D for Draft documents.
  • List the steps in numeric order.
  • Use an If-Then table to describe steps where the user is presented with different options.

    If I do this, Then I follow this step, Else do this.

    If I do this, Then I follow this step, Else do this.

Revision History

Describe previous changes made to this document. Include the Revision, Description of Change and the Effective Date


List the name and reference numbers of any documents referenced in this Work Instruction. You must also reference procedures that control the Work Instruction including its control number. You may also include resources that may be useful when performing this procedure, such as for industry standards and links to other Procedure Manuals.

Include the:

  • Doc #
  • Author
  • Document Title

Tools, Software or Fixtures

If appropriate, list any tools required to perform the tasks described in this document    

Safety Requirements

List all safety precautions that users must comply with and all safety equipment that must be used while following the operations specified in this work instruction.


Identify and define frequently used terms and phrases that may be unique to the Work Instruction and/or business sector.

PS: This Work Instruction Template Pack includes 3 Microsoft Word templates that you can easily customize to suit your requirements. You can use these templates to save time when creating policies, procedures, and checklists and also ensure that your Department has a standardized approach to documenting Work Instructions. 

  • Work Instruction Guide (23 pages) This templates includes sections on how to write the Purpose, Scope, Pre-requisites, Responsibilities, Criteria, Instructions, Revision History, References, Safety Requirements, and Definitions.
  • Work Instruction - Single Template (4 pages) This template is used to document a single Work Instruction.
  • How to Write Work Instructions Tutorial (11 pages) shows you how to write Work Instructions and how to test the document to ensure that all the steps are correct.

What's included in this template pack?

Work Instruction Template Guide - 23 Pages Word template
Work Instruction Single Template - 4 pages Word template
How to Write Work Instructions Tutorial - 11 pages Word template

Screenshot of How To Write Work Instructions

Download Now for only $7.99!

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What file formats are the templates in?

The files are in Microsoft Word .doc and work on Word 97, 2003,  2007, 2010  as well as XP, Vista, and Apple Macintosh.

Can I download them online?

You, can download the files instantly.

After you make the payment, you are automatically sent to a Download page from where you can save the templates to your PC.

What is the license agreement?

You can change any part of the templates that you wish.

You can remove all logos and references to Klariti, for example, the logo on the cover page.

You can share the templates with your colleagues and re-use them as you need.

The main restriction is that you cannot sell, rent or license these templates as though they were your own. These templates are for you —and your colleagues — usage only.

You can read the full license Agreement here

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 60 days refund policy.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course. You can contact me at

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Download Now for only $7.99!

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