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7 Ways To Write Social Media Policies

Looking for ways to improve your Social Media policies? Not sure where to start?

Twitter Sample Usage Policy

One of the problems for Marketing Departments is knowing how much to put into a Social Media document and where to draw the line.

Social Media Policies Made Easy

If you're writing your first set of policies for Facebook or other Social Media networks, then use the following guidelines to get you started.

  1. When in doubt, leave it out! – This is golden rule number one. If you're hurt or offended by comments made by others online, forget it for a day and then reply when you’ve calmed down. Don’t ever feed the trolls.
  2. When in doubt, leave it out! – This is golden rule number two. I want to stress this as what you write online leaves a permanent record, can be shared instantly, and may do immense damage to your career and your company’s public image.
  3. Social Media karma – You create Social Media Karma by helping others, sharing useful information, and being trustworthy.
  4. Modesty - No one knows everything, so share your links and bring others into the conversation. Social Media is about making friends and encouraging others to talk to you. Don’t talk down to others, share what you know, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even the most successful web marketers will reach out and tweet for help. It makes them more human. Try it.
  5. Remember your day job – Unless Social Media is actually your day job, then keep things in perspective. Use it when the time is right but don’t use it as an excuse to avoid your ‘real’ job.
  6. Big Brother Is Watching – It’s easy to forget that everything you write can be read by millions of others in all four corners of the planet. It’s real easy to overlook this when Facebooking late at night or if you're in a grumpy mood. Assume that the world is reading your tweets, Facebook status updates because… they may be. Don’t make jokes about issues, subjects or individuals. It can backfire very easily.
  7. Use the most appropriate Social Media network – My favorite sites as blogs and Twitter as these suit how I work. Maybe you spend more time on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Use the sites that make the most sense. You don’t need to be on all Social Media sites all the time.

There’s a time for all things, sometimes its Twitter, sometime Facebook, or LinkedIn. Use your judgment and see how each network suits your needs.

Like we’ve said before, Social Media is a bad master but a great servant.

If you're responsible for creating Social Media guidelines for your organization, then look for ways to share best practices with your team and help them to get the most from these sites.

People want to do the right thing.

Look for ways to provide direction so they get there.


Social Media Template Pack

This template Pack includes:

  • Social Media Policy Template (64 pages) Use this template to define your Goals, General Policies, Confidentiality, Disclosures, Legal Issues, Intellectual Property, Brand Guidelines and more.
  • Twitter Usage Policy - outline how employees may use Twitter to share, interact and communicate professionally.
  • Facebook Usage Policy - show staff how to be an Ambassador for your business on Facebook Fan pages.
  • LinkedIn Usage Policy - series of guidelines for using this professional network site and using LinkedIn groups
  • Company Blogging Policy - guidelines for employees writing on corporate blogs; how to respond to comments, queries, feedback, and press enquiries.
  • Personal Blogging Policy - use this to help employees understand their obligations when using personal blogs.
  • Social Media Risk Management Policy - guidelines to reduce risk for employees and managers using Social Media sites.
  • Brand Usage Policy - use this to ensure that your brand is used consistently across all social media network sites.
  • Code Of Conduct - extensive list of Do's and Don'ts when using social media network sites.

Click here for the Table of Contents and more Screenshots.

Sample Personal Blogging Policy

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