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How to Ensure Employees Use Facebook Correctly

Facebook is a blessing and a curse. While it creates many new business opportunities (blessing!), one of the growing problems for companies is how to ensure that employees are use Facebook correctly and don’t offend other employees or customers? And what happens when they do?

Download Facebook Usage Policy

How to Create Facebook Social Media Policies

If you want to write Social Media policies for Facebook that address these issues, this article will show you what you need to document in your guidelines.

Tip: read How to Write Social Media Policies for Facebook here.

These guidelines are designed to get you started when writing your Social Media policy documents. You'll need to adjust these depending on how your company uses Facebook.

1. Understand Your Role – Remind each employee, especially those who are new to the company, that they’re an Ambassador for the company. Remind employees that they need to engage with others online knowing that customers judge us and our company based on their interactions.
2. Be Transparent – Encourage employees to honest with others when sharing information online. Under no circumstances should employees use aliases or fake names. Don’t run down your competitors or rant against customers. This reflects very poorly on us and, if detected, will have a very damaging impact on our company’s brand.
3. Show Some Pride - Be proud of job, your role in the company, and your employer. How you use Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media sites to share your knowledge is registered by customers. Try to be polite, helpful and answer questions in a caring way that encourages more interactions.

4. Think of Profits – Remember that they way you use Social Media, especially Facebook and Twitter, impacts how others see the company. If you do this right, in time your efforts will help the company grow and become more profitable.
5. Write It Down - Keep track of what you write, especially when dealing with sensitive issues and/or difficult customers. You don’t need to write everything down as that would be overkill but keep copies of emails and other comments that may need more attention.

6. Use Common Sense –You don’t need to record every tweet. You don’t need to answer every Facebook comment. You don’t have to be online all the time. Remember you have a life offline as well. Do your best and try to be as proactive as possible.

7. Use Common Sense Part 2 - When in doubt, leave it out! If you're hurt or offended by comments made by others, let it go and then respond when you’ve calmed down. Don’t reply when you're angry. This is walking yourself into it and regardless of how ‘right’ you are, you'll come out looking bad.

Should to Encourage Staff to Use Social Media?

These are some guidelines to consider when writing your Facebook Social Media policies.

Remember that these policy documents are not set in stone. They are guidelines that need – and should be – updated when Facebook changes or when your team’s use of Facebook begins to change.

What do you think is the biggest mistake companies make when using Facebook?

How do you encourage staff when they’ve done a good job or taken their first step on your Social Media network?


Social Media Template Pack

This template Pack includes:

  • Social Media Policy Template (64 pages) Use this template to define your Goals, General Policies, Confidentiality, Disclosures, Legal Issues, Intellectual Property, Brand Guidelines and more.
  • Twitter Usage Policy - outline how employees may use Twitter to share, interact and communicate professionally.
  • Facebook Usage Policy - show staff how to be an Ambassador for your business on Facebook Fan pages.
  • LinkedIn Usage Policy - series of guidelines for using this professional network site and using LinkedIn groups
  • Company Blogging Policy - guidelines for employees writing on corporate blogs; how to respond to comments, queries, feedback, and press enquiries.
  • Personal Blogging Policy - use this to help employees understand their obligations when using personal blogs.
  • Social Media Risk Management Policy - guidelines to reduce risk for employees and managers using Social Media sites.
  • Brand Usage Policy - use this to ensure that your brand is used consistently across all social media network sites.
  • Code Of Conduct - extensive list of Do's and Don'ts when using social media network sites.

Click here for the Table of Contents and more Screenshots.

Sample Personal Blogging Policy

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