Using AutoCorrect To Fix Mistakes In MS Word

Do you keep making the same mistakes when typing? Microsoft Word has a couple of built-in features that fixes your mistakes as you type. It takes a bit of tweaking to get it right, but worth the effort in the long run. Here are three ways to use AutoCorrect to fix errors in your technical documents: […]

Microsoft Word v Adobe Framemaker

This post needs an update as both Microsoft Word and FrameMaker have both improved in the past three years. So, bear with me as I work on the update. In the meantime, take out your red pen and see if you agree. Which is better for writing long technical documents? Adobe FrameMaker or MS Word? […]

How to Fix Errors in Technical Documents Automatically

Do you keep making the same mistakes when writing in Microsoft Word? One of the hidden features is that you can replace snippets of text with formatted text. In other words, say you typed, rpt1 You can setup Microsoft Word to change rpt1 to a specific sentence or sentences with formatting applied. You can save […]

How to Write ‘Sticky’ Web Content

Why do technical writers struggle to write web content? Maybe it’s because writing for the web requires a different approach to the writing process. Here are some ways to stop thinking like a technical writer and more like a web writer. How to Write Web Content Before you start writing web content, invest some time […]

How to Choose the Right Style Guide for Technical Writers

How do I choose the right style guide for my technical writers? I’m setting up a Technical Publications Dept. for a Financial Services company. What is the best style guide to encourage the staff to use? The benefit of adopting a style guide is that it puts guidelines in place to ensure consistency across all […]

Guidelines for Interviewing Technical Writers

What guidelines can you offer when interviewing writers? I’ve worked on both sides on the fence in the past, (i.e. interviewed and been interviewed) and picked up a few things in the process. Hopefully, these will be of some help. Guidelines for Interviewing Technical Writers How much time should be allotted to complete the test? I’d […]

Should Programmers Write Technical Documentation?

Before you make your programmers write the next user guide, think again. Should they really be doing this? Or would you be saving money by giving it to trained technical writers? Developers are: Not trained writers Write documentation slowly and often incorrectly Have other things to focus on Technical writers: Are trained to write documentation Write […]

How To Get a Budget For Technical Documentation

One of the dilemmas for technical writers is getting a budget for the next set of technical documents. The problem is usually down to ROI. Can you prove that more documents are worth the investment? If not, why are we writing them? Documentation Plan for only $3.99   Getting A Budget For Technical Documentation Surveys […]

Improve Your Technical Writing in 3 Steps

In technical writing, aim for clarity, not style. Don’t annoy the reader with useless information that clogs up the user guide and obstructs them from finding the answers they’re seeking. Get to the point. Fast. Here are three ways to do this. Improve Your Technical Writing in 3 Steps Aim for brevity. Be useful. Stay […]

Documentation Plan: Which Technical Documents should I write first?

Documentation plans – where do you start? Which technical document should you first write when starting to a new tech docs project? KB emailed me this question. When starting as a technical writer, it can be hard to know where to start writing, especially if many people have different documentations needs. Here’s how to get […]