Are your technical documents colorblind?

What impact does color have on your technical documents? Rhonda Bracey, on CyberText, outlines seven ways that color communicates meaning. Technical Documents & Influence of Color Actually, she credits these seven to Rob Mills, who wrote an article for Think Vitamin on How Color Communicates Meaning, where he describes how color: Affects your mood Communicates […]

Recover Text From Any Corrupted MS Word Document

Even if your MS Word documents gets corrupted, you can still repair it in Word. Here’s how. If a Word document will not open and you need to get a copy of the text within the document, try the following steps. This will help you recover the text in the document, though you may need […]

How I’d Improve Google Error Messages

What’s wrong with this error message from Google? I got this today when I tried to + a blog post. Let’s look at this error message and see how we can improve it. Google Plus Error Messages – What’s Wrong I know what Google is trying to tell me with this error message but others […]

Fixing Corrupt MS Word Documents

How do you fix a corrupted MS Word document? There are several techniques you can use to correct a corrupted document. Choose the method that relates to the nature and severity of the corruption and the nature of the behavior exhibited. Although many of these methods work, not every corrupted document can be recovered. Convert […]

How to Identify Corrupt MS Word Documents

So, how do you identify a corrupt MS Word document? Corrupted documents often show behavior that is not part of the program’s design such as infinite repagination, incorrect document layout and formatting, unreadable characters on the screen, error messages during processing, system hangs or crashes when you load or view the file, or any other […]

3 Ways To Get Past Technical Writer’s Block

Ever hit Technical Writer’s Block? That’s when you sit down to write your next user guide or operations manual and… nothing happens. You don’t know where to start and end up staring at the screen while the Due Deadline gets closer in the background. How do you get past Technical Writer’s Block? Learn more about the […]

Guide to Fixing Corrupt MS Word Documents

How can you tell if your MS Word document is corrupt? For technical writers, discovering that your user guide has become corrupt is not good news. The effort you spent writing, editing and producing the document is now in jeopardy, especially if you cannot recover the lost text. Corrupt Documents: Examples It works different ways. […]

7 Ways To Position Yourself as a Technical Writing Expert Online

Can you make real money as a Technical Writer on the Internet? Let’s say you want to make more money as a Technical Writer (especially online) but don’t know where to start. You have the expertise and experience but don’t know how to use the Internet to find work, attract clients or sell goods. How […]

Adobe RoboHelp 9 Review

RoboHelp 9, the latest version to be released by Adobe Systems, is being heralded as a major version, so what does it include?

4 Ways to Turn Microsoft Word into an XML Editor

Want to use Microsoft Word as an XML Editor? XML (Extensible Markup Language) is made up of a number of user defined tags which are used to store and transport data. When it comes to writing XML most people would open their favourite XML editor or a text editor but have would not have considered using Microsoft Word.