Microsoft Word v Adobe Framemaker

This post needs an update as both Microsoft Word and FrameMaker have both improved in the past three years. So, bear with me as I work on the update. In the meantime, take out your red pen and see if you agree. Which is better for writing long technical documents? Adobe FrameMaker or MS Word? […]

Why Adobe FrameMaker Sucks – A Slight Rant

Ok, let’s start this product comparison between Microsoft Word (in the red corner) and Adobe FrameMaker (in the blue corner). Before we get into the actual review, I’d like to share how I first encountered FrameMaker and, more importantly, why its roots in an obscure DTP package are the reason why it is the strange beast we love and hate.

Is Adobe FrameMaker Worth the Money?

If you’ve been given a budget for a technical writing dept (tech comms), then you looking for value for money when it comes to buying new tech writing software. We all understand that. The problem I have at the moment is deciding how to use the budget I have. And Adobe FrameMaker is giving me a real headache. For writing long docs, it’s fine. But the cost is a real problem. Is it worth the money?

Eddie Van Arsdall’s Ten Tips for FrameMaker Docs

If you use Adobe FrameMaker and wondered ‘well how could I get these documents into another tech writing tool’, then read this week’s edition of MadNewz from Madcap Software. Eddie VanArsdall has written a great tutorial that shows how to move content between these packages.

What Macaulay Culkin Can Teach You About Technical Writing

Larry says that last week another technical writer asserted that DITA has “jumped the shark.” “It’s not a new idea. I’ve heard other people say that DITA has already seen its best days, that it’s struggling to remain relevant in a world that’s passed it by. I was amused, I admit, because it was the first time I’d seen DITA compared to a TV show.”

How Technical Writers can use XML

Manish on the Adobe Tech Comms site uploaded this video on how to get more information on the XML power in the Technical Communication Suite. He presented this video at the summer XML conference and talked about topic based documentation using TCS2 in XML way.

FrameMaker 9: How to Optimize Performance

My latest project involves using FrameMaker 9 on Windows Vista. This is my first time using Vista and, let’s say, I’m finding my feet. I’ve had some performance issues with FrameMaker 9 using Vista — and for the first time — FrameMaker crashed on me!
With that said I found this tutorial ( on the Adobe site that gives some tips on how to optimize the performance of FrameMaker 9 on Windows Vista.

Moving From FrameMaker To RoboHelp

I have a love/hate relationship with Adobe FrameMaker. Finding a sensible way to move content between Adobe FrameMaker and Robohelp is something I’ve explored for clients. So, this post from the Adobe Tech Comms team was a nice intro to some points I had overlooked. From Adobe by Mayank Agrawal: The integration of FrameMaker and […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Technical Writing

Here are seven quick tips to improve the quality of your technical documents. When you write a technical document, consider the following points:

How to convert MS Word documents into Adobe FrameMaker

This article explains how to convert large files between Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker.In this tutorial, the source file is the file being converted (Word) and target file is the file that it will be converted into (in this case, a FrameMaker file).