Convert Word Documents into MP3s

Image via Wikipedia Remember the first time you heard your voice on the answering machine? Bet you wanted to change your voice straightaway. No? In the same vein, I found this app that lets you convert your Word documents into MP3s – so now I can ‘hear’ what I’ve written. This is how others hear […]

Email Subject Line Do’s and Don’ts

Image via Wikipedia Justin Premick, Aweber, has the results of an experiment to determine the optimum length for the From line in emails. For those involve in writing, content development and web marketing, the results are interesting.

FrameMaker 9: How to Optimize Performance

My latest project involves using FrameMaker 9 on Windows Vista. This is my first time using Vista and, let’s say, I’m finding my feet. I’ve had some performance issues with FrameMaker 9 using Vista — and for the first time — FrameMaker crashed on me!
With that said I found this tutorial ( on the Adobe site that gives some tips on how to optimize the performance of FrameMaker 9 on Windows Vista.

Is Arrogance More Dangerous Than Incompetence?

What did you learn from the last time you failed?
Ted Dziuba believed that raw engineering prowess could make up his lack of business experience. He discusses how his willingness to believe in his own abilities regardless of his other shortcoming blinded him to seeing the inevitably.

Do Technical Writers need a Documentation Plan?

Do you review your documentation plans? This is in relation to the Documentation Plan (aka Information Development Plan) that most technical writers prepare in advance of starting a major project. Granted, on smaller projects you can get away with this if you know the product, have the resources and the deliverables are nailed down. But, […]

How to Share Large Files with

RJ Jacquez shares this tip for sharing large files on Twitter. “If you are on Twitter, you know how easy it is to share photos with your followers, as well as URLs; and in fact many Twitter desktop clients, such as TweetDeck, make it as easy as drag-and-drop because they include built-in support for services […]

Use ‘Inverted Pyramids’ To Blog Every Day

Image by jonathansin via Flickr Do you want to update your blog every day? Chris Brogan provides this framework for writing a blog post (almost) every day. He adds that while it’s not easy, once you develop the right habits, they stick with you. I’m writing quite regularly now, but it took me several years […]

Turn Google Docs into a Distraction Free Writing Tool

Looking for a writing tool that automatically hides your desktop so you can concentrate on your writing? Anil Atluri on Digital Inspiration has this great tutorial on how to make Google Docs your perfect free writing tool. Turn Google Docs into a Writing Tool Follow these steps: 1: Create a new document in Google Docs […]

How to Get Your Email Answered

Let’s say you’re getting 600 emails a day on average. 50% were people asking me his time, 25% were “really nice people,” 20% were business opportunities, and 5% were friends. A quick bit of math: if he answered 1 email a minute, 600 emails would take me 10 hours to answer. The thing is, we’re […]

How to Open a Corrupt Microsoft Word Document

The Microsoft Support center offers very details instructions on how to overcome this.