How Apple’s Setup Guides Thinks Different

Seth Godin believes that everything reflects what you stand for—right down to your technical documents. Ever looked at Apple’s tech docs? How Apple’s Setup Guides Shows it Thinks Different Looking for inspiration? Well, this puppy has been looking for inspiration recently. I’m writing a series of Setup Guides and wanted to see how others approach […]

9 Mind Mapping apps

David Appleyard reviews 9 different specialist mind mapping applications. Some are expensive, commercial solutions – others are relatively budget-friendly.

Bing Search Engine Tips

50 tips and tricks to get the most from Bing, the new decision-making engine from Microsoft.

How much do freelance writers charge for writing posts?

How much do freelance writers charge for writing posts? Now that our little site is doing well, freelance writers are approaching us and offering their services. I thought I’d offer this to give you all an idea of the rates per post and per article we’re being quoted. By the way, the writer you sent this was very professional, had a great portfolio and recommendations from satisfied clients.

Is Open Source Bad for Business?

Is Open Source Bad for Business?

5 Google Analytics Tips

5 Ways To Get More from Google Analytics

How to Open a Corrupt Microsoft Word Document

The Microsoft Support center offers very details instructions on how to overcome this.

Word To Framemaker Tutorial

Many tech writers have had to convert Word documents into FrameMaker. It is a very unpleasant and painful process! The good news is that Tech Knowledge offer a nice tutorial that explains how to convert documents as quickly and efficiently as possible. “The infamous Word2Frame document describing tips and techniques for converting from Word to […]

DocBook: The Definitive Guide free online

You can now download DocBook: The Definitive Guide by Norman Walsh. You can copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, as spelled out in the book’s legal notice. According to its authors: “This book is designed to be the clear, concise, normative reference to the DocBook DTD. […]

Site Mapping Tool for Information Architects

PowerMapper is an automatic site map creation tool for information architects, information developers, usability analysts and web developers. 25% of the Fortune 100 and major organizations like NASA and MIT use this tool to create their site maps. Multiple Map Styles – draw maps in a range of useful and attractive styles using thumbnails of […]