7 FrameMaker Fails

Kohsuke Kawaguchi explains just why FrameMaker is so brain-dead. He explains why not to use FrameMaker and lists some of its problems: No undo stack No color No mouse wheel support Windows 95 UI No keyboard shortcuts Font selection via menu Resizable dialog that doesn’t expand controls.  

Web-based training on FrameMaker

“My job involves writing and editing documents. I also coordinate with the graphic designer for layout and look and feel. Can you please let me know details about training for FrameMaker?” Apologies for the delay – I couldn’t find the link I wanted to send to you. Here it is: http://apex.vtc.com/framemaker-7.php Regards, Ivan PS – […]

Why Table of Contents Don’t Display in MS Word

In Word, the Table of Contents is not displayed. Instead, I get an error message: { TOCO “2-4″H Z T “HEADING 1,1”} Ivan – I think the problem is to do with Field Codes, so here’s a few suggestions. 1. In Word, go to Tools > Options > View tab and click off Field Codes […]