Bing Search Engine Tips

50 tips and tricks to get the most from Bing, the new decision-making engine from Microsoft.

How much do freelance writers charge for writing posts?

How much do freelance writers charge for writing posts? Now that our little site is doing well, freelance writers are approaching us and offering their services. I thought I’d offer this to give you all an idea of the rates per post and per article we’re being quoted. By the way, the writer you sent this was very professional, had a great portfolio and recommendations from satisfied clients.

Is Open Source Bad for Business?

Is Open Source Bad for Business?

5 Google Analytics Tips

5 Ways To Get More from Google Analytics

Dow Jones Rules for Social Media

The Wall Street Journal writers were given a newly compiled list of rules for “professional conduct,” which included a guide for use of online outlets, noting cautions for activities on social networking sites. The memo says that staffers should consult their editor before “connecting” to or “friending” any reporting contacts who may need to be treated as confidential sources, and business and pleasure should not be mixed on services like Twitter. The revised code of conduct also includes details about offline friendships, freelance work and public speaking.

Difference between Case Study and White Papers

  Can tell me the difference between a case study and a white paper. I read your case study overview and am having a hard time differentiating between them. If you have a minute, can you clarify?

How to agree on a Statement of Work

Question: I have an short term contract to develop Standard Operating Procedures but the statement of work is very light.  Any suggestion on questions to ask in kick off meeting to assure preparing best documentation for client?

Table of Contents doesn’t work in Word

Here’s a common problem with MS Word.  For some unknown reason, the Table of Contents (which was there this morning) is now gone. When you look at the page in Word, you might see this error message: { TOCO "2-4"H Z T "HEADING 1,1"} What’s going on?

Using Microsoft Word to Create Large Documents

I’m often asked for tips on how to write large documents in Microsoft Word? From what I have see, the main issues with creating long docs in Word tend to involve formatting, styles, graphics, tables, and bullets. Formatting — cutting/pasting material directly from one file into another is best avoided as this will bring unwanted […]

Creating Content for Mobile Devices

IDC (International Data Corporation) recently estimated the total number of all handheld devices shipped worldwide will exceed 24.8 million this year. By combining software and design principles, companies are planning to extend their enterprise and Web-based applications to handheld computers on the Palm, Psion and Windows CE platforms. These devices are designed for mobility. Therefore […]