Documentation Plan: Which Technical Documents should I write first?

Documentation plans – where do you start? Which technical document should you first write when starting to a new tech docs project? KB emailed me this question. When starting as a technical writer, it can be hard to know where to start writing, especially if many people have different documentations needs. Here’s how to get […]

Are your technical documents colorblind?

What impact does color have on your technical documents? Rhonda Bracey, on CyberText, outlines seven ways that color communicates meaning. Technical Documents & Influence of Color Actually, she credits these seven to Rob Mills, who wrote an article for Think Vitamin on How Color Communicates Meaning, where he describes how color: Affects your mood Communicates […]

Fixing Corrupt MS Word Documents

How do you fix a corrupted MS Word document? There are several techniques you can use to correct a corrupted document. Choose the method that relates to the nature and severity of the corruption and the nature of the behavior exhibited. Although many of these methods work, not every corrupted document can be recovered. Convert […]