Using Fear To Motivate Technical Writers

I want you to think back to the best – and worse – boss you’ve ever had. Describe them in three words. Now, I want you to think of how his/her boss thought of this person. See any difference? One of the tricks on office politics is that what works for you is not acceptable for others. I’m mentoring some Technical Writers right now and each has their own style. But I have a problem. The best team leader is also the most obnoxious.

How Social Media Will Make You a Better Technical Writer

Gina Blednyh launched the Technical Communication 2.0 group in Facebook in 2009. It explores the interplay between Web 2.0 and technical communication. It’s a terrific place to exchange ideas about collaborative technologies and new approaches to delivering information. In this interview, I ask her how Technical Writers can use Social Media and the types of […]

Do CEOs Need to Write Well to Succeed?

Thom Haller asks on TCW if ‘to be an effective leader, you need to learn how to write well’.