9 Ways To Peer Review Technical Documents

I’ve always had mixed feelings about peer reviews. What they’re done right, we all learn but like Lesson Learned review can easily degenerate into bitching sessions if not managed correctly.

Lessons Learned from Collaborative Writing Projects

We make mistakes every week on our Technical Writing projects. However, since we’ve started to capture things in our lessons learned meetings, the ‘repeat offenders’ have gone down. Running web-based Technical Writing projects is difficult as you don’t get to meet the team you’re managing, so sessions like this can make a real difference.

Is Arrogance More Dangerous Than Incompetence?

What did you learn from the last time you failed?
Ted Dziuba believed that raw engineering prowess could make up his lack of business experience. He discusses how his willingness to believe in his own abilities regardless of his other shortcoming blinded him to seeing the inevitably.