11 Adobe Distiller Tips For Technical Writers

Most Technical Writers use Adobe PDFs to create technical guides, reports and other business documents. And while there are many free PDF converters out there, Adobe Distiller has some great features that give you greater control of your documents, such as making the PDFs download faster, password protection, embedding thumbnails and font control.

How to Open a Corrupt Microsoft Word Document

The Microsoft Support center offers very details instructions on how to overcome this. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926909/en-us?spid=2530&sid=106

Word To Framemaker Tutorial

Many tech writers have had to convert Word documents into FrameMaker. It is a very unpleasant and painful process! The good news is that Tech Knowledge offer a nice tutorial that explains how to convert documents as quickly and efficiently as possible. “The infamous Word2Frame document describing tips and techniques for converting from Word to […]

What is a Standing Operating Procedure?

The terms standard operating procedure and standing operating procedure, both abbreviated as SOP, are used in a variety of different contexts, from everyday use, to industry and the military. Military Use of SOP In military terminology it is used to describe a procedure or set of procedures to perform a given operation or evolution or […]

Why Content Management Fails

Solutions for disorganized, out-of-date content So many of the companies I’ve spoken to lately have complained about the content on their Web sites. They say it’s woefully out of date, growing out of control, and generally a complete mess. Almost unanimously, these companies have chosen to solve the problem by handing it to their IT […]

Automate Printing and PDF output of MS Office Files

BatchOutput for Microsoft Office applications automatically output multiple Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to the selected printer. With virtual PDF printers, such as Adobe PDF or CUPS-PDF, you can automate creation of PDF files. You can also e-mail or fax multiple documents using such virtual printer as PageSender http://www.zevrix.com/batchoutputoffice.html

Framemaker Online Training Course

The good people over at Austin Community College (David A. McMurrey, Jana Owens, Jacqueline J. Pulido and Thomas A. Moore) offer more excellent tech writing material. This part of their site offers a detailed introduction to Adobe FrameMaker. This tutorial discusses the following topics: Downloading and Saving the Source Document Marking Simple Index Entries Generating […]

Short v Long Blog Posts

Jakob Nielsen explains the different benefits that Short versus Long articles bring to your site, especially if you are running an online business. In his newsletter, he asks “should your website have concise or in-depth content?” His conclusion is that: a) If you want many readers, offer short content. This is ideal for advertising-driven sites […]

How to Optimize PDF Files for Blogs

What’s the best way to optimize your PDFs for blogs and websites? While PDFs have become quite popular on the Web, many PDFs used in web sites are designed for high quality print output and are not optimized for the Web. Even PDFs designed for Web use can have a wait problem, weighed down with excess […]