The 10 Commandments of Software Maintenance Plans

What’s the best way to write a Software Maintenance plan? Software Maintenance Plans are different than other technical documents in that the focus is on how to modify software AFTER it has been released and is now in operations. Most other documents focus on planning, development or testing. Download Now How to Write Software Maintenance […]

Documentation Plan: Which Technical Documents should I write first?

Documentation plans – where do you start? Which technical document should you first write when starting to a new tech docs project? KB emailed me this question. When starting as a technical writer, it can be hard to know where to start writing, especially if many people have different documentations needs. Here’s how to get […]

20 Productivity Tips For Home-based Technical Writers

Most of my tech writing work is done from home. I’ve worked from my home office for almost eight years. Some tech writing contracts are on-site, but mostly, I work in my home office. Actually, for the past 19 months, this means working in my ‘bedroom’. More on this later. I’m married, with a little nipper, and friends are always popping over for a chat. Did I mention that I’m also working from China?

10 Ways to Create Strong Passwords

How strong are your passwords? In the movie SpaceBalls, the password to all the earth’s natural resources was…12345. It’s a comedy but you get the idea. All those efforts to control the planet and the password is child’s play. I attended a course in London last year and one of the topics covered security. Here […]