How do you know whether you’re writing well?

How do you know whether you are writing well? There’s only one test that really matters: when your audience understands your information and is moved to act in accordance with your goals. But how will you know when this happens? The odds are pretty good that, early in your career anyway, you won’t have any […]

10 Best Mistakes I Made in 2009

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you don’t know your mistakes you’re going to repeat them. Here’s my best mistakes.

Podcasts about technical writing

Check out the excellent Harry Miller’s Technical Writing Blog Podcasts about documentation, technical writing, and technical editing.

How to Be a Technical Writer in India

Punita Jasrotia offers advice for anyone considering tech writing as a career in India. Salary expectations range from: “A technical writer today can start with an average salary of about Rs 10,000-14,000 and earn up to Rs 35,000 in 2-3 years. An individual can start at the entry level as a technical communicator, to become a […]