3 Ways To Get Past Technical Writer’s Block

Ever hit Technical Writer’s Block? That’s when you sit down to write your next user guide or operations manual and… nothing happens. You don’t know where to start and end up staring at the screen while the Due Deadline gets closer in the background. How do you get past Technical Writer’s Block? Learn more about the […]

How Many Pages Should Technical Writers Write Every Day?

If I asked you how many pages you wrote every day, would you know? We calculated how many pages we wrote per week and then divided it across the team. It was less than we had thought. Actually, we felt guilty that we were performing so poorly. It turns out that other Publishing Depts across the company were more or less then same.

37 Ways To Be a More Productive Writer

Working in China means more business writing and less technical writing, especially proposal development, web marketing case studies and white papers. As a few of the folks I hang out with on LinkedIn are also moving into business writing, I thought I’d add a few tips for business writing. While there is some overlap with technical writing, it does require a different mindset, for example, to understand the emotional drivers that persuade customers to accept or reject business proposals.

How Tai Chi Will Make You a Better Technical Writer

I spend 10 hours a day writing user guides, online help and other such delights. One of the hazards of working these long hours is migraine, back pain and (literally) a pain in the neck. You can get away with this in your 20s, but as you get older you need to take greater care […]

20 Productivity Tips For Home-based Technical Writers

Most of my tech writing work is done from home. I’ve worked from my home office for almost eight years. Some tech writing contracts are on-site, but mostly, I work in my home office. Actually, for the past 19 months, this means working in my ‘bedroom’. More on this later. I’m married, with a little nipper, and friends are always popping over for a chat. Did I mention that I’m also working from China?

17 Ways to Write, Respond, and Process 85 Emails a Day

Lost time is lost money. If you run your own company, every minute counts. And, it’s no different if you work for someone else. Lost time = lost money. Email is great for generating business but when it takes over your day, then it becomes a problem. Help me answer every email in the same […]

10 biggest mistakes I’ve made so far this year…

Every three months, I examine the performance of my business, my team and our products. It’s the simplest way I’ve found to measure productivity and ensure that we stay on track. The phrase,’Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’, often comes to mind when we do this assessment. If you don’t know your mistakes you’re going […]

How To Make Friday Your Busiest Day

lance-armstong-getting-things-done Friday is my busiest day. Most folks power down and go into weekend mode. Not here! Ask yourself, ‘why do I go down a gear on Friday?’, ‘How does this benefit my career?’ Ok, let’s be honest. We do this because others do it. Right? This is a high-risk way to manage your career. You’re letting others determine how you behave. And it damages your career in many, many ways. Here’s an alternative approach.

How To Write For Your Blog Every Day

In this short video I explain how to create content and to remove the barriers that stop most people from creating content on a daily basis. It’s not difficult but you do need to have a system that lets you maximize your opportunities to create content and reduces the barriers that stop you from doing […]

How I Set Priorities

Ross Kimbarovsky asks: “How do you decide what to do next? Should you write a blog post? Answer emails in your inbox? Make several sales calls? Spend time on Twitter? Or should you call a team meeting to discuss a customer problem? Ross adds that successful people are successful in part “because they are good […]