Using LinkedIn To Find Technical Writing Contract Work

I’ve had some reservations about LinkedIn ( and didn’t join up until last year. Most of the technical writers I spoke to didn’t seem to get much return on the site and looked elsewhere. I should add that most of these were job-hunting and looking to make quick connections. For them it didn’t work.

37 Ways To Be a More Productive Writer

Working in China means more business writing and less technical writing, especially proposal development, web marketing case studies and white papers. As a few of the folks I hang out with on LinkedIn are also moving into business writing, I thought I’d add a few tips for business writing. While there is some overlap with technical writing, it does require a different mindset, for example, to understand the emotional drivers that persuade customers to accept or reject business proposals.

How to Move Out of Technical Writing & into Higher Paid Jobs

How do I start a career in technical writing? How do I get out of technical writing? I get asked these two questions most every week. If your career in technical writing is stalling – or you just want a fresh start – then here’s some alternative career paths. Many Technical Writers have had their […]

10 Steps For High Impact Proposals

This guide is designed to help you write a Request For Proposals (RFP) in clear English. Its objective is to help you write and format an RFP that your target audience can understand in one reading. Use Plain language techniques to help you win business, accelerate your tender process, and encourage staff to contribute to […]

Site Mapping Tool for Information Architects

PowerMapper is an automatic site map creation tool for information architects, information developers, usability analysts and web developers. 25% of the Fortune 100 and major organizations like NASA and MIT use this tool to create their site maps. Multiple Map Styles – draw maps in a range of useful and attractive styles using thumbnails of […]