Using the wrong tone in your emails

When writing emails, what you actually write and what you mean to say can come across as quite different. “But what I meant was…” Too late! The damage has been done. The impact of the words you use will have a different effect depending on how you phrase them, for example, short email headings can […]

How to Evaluate Your Competitor’s Web site

Use this list to evaluate your competitor’s websites so you can create a site that gives you the edge over them. Brand — does the site add or detract from the companies brand equity? Content — does the quality of the content captive your attention? Goals — are the goals and objectives of your competitor’s […]

How to Improve Webpage Content

Design for Standard Screen Resolutions Most users have their settings set to 600×800 pixels. If you design your site for screen resolutions wider than this remember to accommodate those who will not see the off-screen data. Users get tired when surfing and will not click around a cramped design looking for content. They work with […]