How to Write ‘Sticky’ Web Content

Why do technical writers struggle to write web content? Maybe it’s because writing for the web requires a different approach to the writing process. Here are some ways to stop thinking like a technical writer and more like a web writer. How to Write Web Content Before you start writing web content, invest some time […]

Twitter 101 session for Technical Communicators

From Adobe Tech Communication RJ Jacquez, ” I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say that thanks to Social Media, we are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way we discover, share and consume information. This was the topic of my closing presentation at this year’s Technical Communication UK.” He just read how […]

4 Ways to Write Better Web Content

What’s the secret to writing great web content? This article explains how to write content and how to tailor content to online audiences. The primary differences between web-based text content and printed media are related to: Hypertext — users have the ability to jump to another page with one click Points of Entry — users frequently […]