24 Ways to Increase Traffic to a Technical Blog

Making money from blogs in an inexact science. What works one blogs fails on another. I’ve launched over 200 websites since 1998 (mostly ecommerce) and about 30 blogs (mostly technical). If your blog has a technical slant, for example, it’s target audience is technical writers, analysts, architects, or others micro niche areas, then use some of these techniques to increase your traffic.

How to import a WordPress blog into another WordPress blog

I decided to merge several small WordPress blogs into a single WordPress blog recently. I did this for several reasons, mostly as I wanted to concentrate the content in one site and also to reduce the time and effort of maintaining multiple blogs. Here are the steps to do this with screenshots. How to import […]

How to Create User-Focused Blogs

For your site to succeed, arrange the content around the user’s needs. Many novice web designers underestimate the difficulty in designing an effective site structure, especially one that will be appreciated by novice and experienced users. We are trained in childhood to retrieve data in certain ways. For example, in libraries we refer to chronological […]